Diurnal is a global endocrine specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to addressing major unmet clinical and patient needs in hormone replacement by creating effective, high quality products for life-long treatment of chronic endocrine disorders.


2019: Chronocort® Market Authorisation Application submitted to European Medicines Agency
2019: Alkindi® New Drug Application submitted in the US
2019: Positive DITEST™ oral native testosterone results from Phase 1 trial in hypogonadal patients
2019: Alkindi® Orphan Drug Designation granted and Market Authorisation Application submitted in Australia
2019: Alkindi® Market Authorisation Application submitted in Israel
2018: Chronocort® Phase 3 trial completed in Europe
2018: Alkindi® receives approval from the Scottish Medicines Consortium
2018: Alkindi® launched in Germany and the UK generating first sales
2018: Alkindi® receives market authorisation approval from European Commission
2017: Alkindi® receives positive opinion for approval from European Medicines Agency
2017: Alkindi® and Chronocort® patents granted in the US
2016: Infacort® Market Authorisation application submitted to the EMA
2016: Chronocort® Phase 3 trial commenced in Europe
2016: Diurnal successfully dosed first patient in DITEST Phase I clinical trial 
2016: First year end results posted
2016: Full results announced from positive European Infacort® Phase III study
2016: Positive headline data from European Infacort® Phase III pivotal study reported
2016: Diurnal announces first interim results
2016: First patient dosed in Chronocort®pivotal Phase III clinical trial in Europe 
2015: Diurnal admitted to AIM on the 24th December
2015: Chronocort® granted Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA for Adrenal Insufficiency in the US
2015: Peter Allan is appointed as Non-Executive Chair of the Board of Directors and Ian Ardill joins as the Chief Financial Officer.
2015: FDA grant Orphan Drug Designation to Infacort® in the US
2015: Infacort® Phase 3 trails commenced in Europe
2015: Diurnal secures venture capital funding to initiate Phase 3 registration trials of both Infacort® and Chronocort®.
2014: Phase 2 CATCH trial results published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM)
2014: Positive results from the Phase 2 CATCH trial are presented at the ENDO conference in Chicago, USA.
2013: CATCH Phase 2 trial in patients begins at the National Institutes of Health (USA) under a CRADA collaborative agreement
2013: Positive Infacort® Phase 1 trials in healthy adult volunteers enable Diurnal to progress Infacort® trials in paediatric patients.
2012 Paediatric Investigation Plan (PIP) for Infacort® approved by the European Medicines Agency.
2012 Diurnal successfully concludes Chronocort® Phase 1 trials in healthy adult volunteers. This enables Diurnal to progress Chronocort® trials in patients.
2012: Martin Whitaker is promoted to CEO.
2011 Diurnal, as part of the TAIN Consortium, secures a prestigious FP7 grant worth €4.2 million from the European Commission to develop its second product Infacort®.
2010 Diurnal headquarters established at Cardiff MediCentre in Wales (UK).
2009 Venture capital funding base established and development partners are engaged to develop Chronocort®.
2008 Phoqus Pharmaceuticals returns all product development rights to Diurnal. A new management team is created and Martin Whitaker is installed as the General Manager. Chief Development Officer Hiep Huatan joins Diurnal.
2007 An Orphan Drug Designation was approved by the European Medicines Agency for Chronocort® for the rare disease Adrenal Insufficiency.
2004 Product development begins with Phoqus Pharmaceuticals plc (UK) through a development agreement.
2004 Two Orphan Drug Designations are received from the European Medicines Agency for the rare chronic diseases Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Adrenal Insufficiency.
2004 Diurnal is founded as a spin-out from the University of Sheffield (UK) based on the expertise of Professor Richard Ross. Professor Ross, who is based at the University of Sheffield School of Medicine, is a world expert on endocrine conditions. His detailed understanding of chronic endocrine conditions has led him to create innovative pharmaceutical products that mimic the body’s natural hormone rhythm with the potential to improve patient’s lives.