Welcome To Diurnal

Diurnal is a UK-based specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing hormone therapeutics to aid lifelong treatment for rare and chronic endocrine conditions, including Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Adrenal Insufficiency, Hypogonadism and Hypothyroidism.

The company has a strong, multi-skilled entrepreneurial management team with extensive pharmaceutical product development experience and an affiliated network of world-class clinical experts in the area of endocrinology.

Mission Statement

To address the major unmet clinical and patient needs in endocrinology by creating products for the lifelong treatment of chronic conditions.

Latest News

  • 20 Nov

    Grant of European Patent for Alkindi®

    The patent provides in-market European protection until 2032 in all designated states of the European Patent Convention. 

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  • 21 Oct

    Market Authorisation Application for Alkindi® submitted to Swissmedic

    Partner in Switzerland, EffRx Pharmaceuticals, expects market launch by 2022

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  • 30 Sep

    Alkindi® Sprinkle approved by US FDA

    Market launch anticipated in Q4 2020

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