Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Diurnal website. It is an honour for me to introduce you to our company and ethos and to emphasise our on-going commitment to developing high-quality hormone therapeutics for patients with chronic endocrine diseases.

At Diurnal, patients are at the forefront of everything we do. Since our inception in 2004 our mission has been clear: to address crucial unmet patient and clinical need in the endocrine field and deliver best health outcomes to improve patients’ quality of life.

How are we achieving this? By continuing to harness and channel our people’s passion, knowledge and expertise, in order to create and develop a unique and highly specialized pipeline of drugs that focus on replicating the body’s natural physiology.

2016 was a breakthrough year for Diurnal with the completion of our first Phase 3 clinical trial for our lead product Infacort® and commencement of another Phase 3 trial for Chronocort® - both patented first-in-class drugs to treat diseases of cortisol deficiency.

2017 promises to be an important year in the evolution of our company, with the anticipated approval of our first product Infacort® in Europe.  These are exciting times for our organisation and provide strong indication that our dedication to creating novel treatments for rare diseases in the endocrine field is approaching fruition.

Through our unfaltering commitment and drive, my ambition is for Diurnal to be the global leader in specialist endocrine drugs. I promise that Diurnal will continue to strive to deliver products of the highest quality and efficacy for patients with chronic endocrine conditions, to enable them to lead healthier, happier and more active lives.

It is my hope that your first visit to our website is the first all-important step on that road.

Martin Whitaker
Chief Executive Officer